Ashandra - Soul Sucker [VRCHAT AVATAR - SPS ] ft zep & bias

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Full Body Ready!
✧Organized Unity Package
✧Colliders and all the good Physbones!
✧SPS - Yes the mouth and the PRIVATE parts are interactive. Which includes a pp.
✧6 Face Gestures.
✦ Gogo Loco
✧Hue shift for Clothing, Tattoo, Demon form, Wings, Eyes ect..
✧Custom 2D icon for specifically this avatar.
✧Demon Form texture swap.
✧Full-body dissolve.

✧Multiples clothes. - Bra, Bodysuit, Choker, Claw, Earrings, Wings, Hips wings, Horns, Thighs highs, Neck piece, Covers, Rings, Underwear, Puffer top, Skirt, straps, Tail, Jacket.
✦ A LOT of FX, fire circle, fire hands, fire eyes, disappear, heart grasp, energy drain, mist, aura.
✧Comes with extra textures for your needs and plenty of masks for easy editing.
EVERYTHING can be dissolved.
✧Comes with a SPS version and without.
95% of avatar assets are from scratch.
✧Grabbable features // Skirt can be held down and disappear, Jacket can be removed.. thighs can be held down and underwear can be pushed to the side.

Head used is from - Starlynn - ( EDITED by me, not allowed to reuse. )
Body used is from - Pandaabear - ( EDITED by Bias , not allowed to reuse. )
Particles, toggles, Fire - zepwlert#0001
Eye texture by - Mowsterowo
"Wholesome" Part - Wholesome
GoGo Loco - Franada

-The avatar was created in collaboration with zepwlert#0001 ( he made all the FX/Toggles〛
-The avatar was created in collaboration with Bias#0001 (Created most assets from scratch〛
~Do not redistribute, share, sell, or claim any of these asset in whole or in part, as yours〛
- You are allowed to EDIT, but you cannot resell in any sort of ways the said edited/altered version〛

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Last updated Oct 31, 2023

Ashandra avatar!

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Ashandra - Soul Sucker [VRCHAT AVATAR - SPS ] ft zep & bias

14 ratings
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